What’s Your Latte Factor?!


With cost of living going up like crazy, I think we can all use some ways to save more and more of the “little” money we have:

Milk – almost or just about $4.00
A damn banana – $.35 – $.40 cents for ONE
Rent – over $1000 bucks for a tiny studio.
…and the list goes on endlessly
This blog is to teach you how much money we waste that we can save, David Bach author of The Automatic Millionaire calls this The Latte Factor, and I truly LOVE this book!


Here’s a simple way to figure out your latte factor, for this week, write down all expenses for each day:

What I bought (Items):

What I spent (Cost):

Wasted Money (yes or no):
**My Latte Factor Total (Total Cost of Wasted Money for the Day):

*Do this for each item bought in the day

**At the end of the day total up the cost of wasted money 

You can also download this form by visiting: The Latte Factor Challenge

After you’ve figured out your latte factor for the day you can figure out the latte factor for the month, year, and decade:

My Latte Factor for one day = ________

My Latte Factor for One Month = ________ (Latte Factor X 30)

My Latte Factor for One Year = _________ (Latte Factor X 365)

My Latte Factor for One Decade = _________ (Latte Factor X 3,650)

To figure out your Latte Factor without doing the math yourself, visit:
The Latte Factor Calculator

*Money Mondays* 

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