Google Wave Invites

I know quite a few people would like Google Wave invites, trust I know the feeling. I’ll def. pay it fwd once I get that magical email with the number of invites I got.
But to make it fair to my blog readers I will have to choose people randomly, based on comments left on this post. So start posting now, I will update when I get the number of invites available.

*14 Invites Available*

Good Luck!

(The Winners Are…)

The first 14 numbers on this list are the winners. I will need your email address to send you the invitations.

As per Google Wave: Invitations will not be sent immediately. We have a lot of stamps to lick.
Happy waving!

*To find out more about Google Wave, visit their website and watch that Loooooooong video. I’m about to do that now…

20 thoughts on “Google Wave Invites

  1. Mezz

    I am jealous of your blog…everytime I look I am like damn I need to step my blog/computer skills up…when my life settles down a lil I will…lolMezzie :)

  2. dang

    i requested one from their site and heard nothing… i'd love to check it out. thanks!_dang on twitter

  3. John

    I really would like to see what the hype is all about on Google Wave. It may be just another thing to log into and forget your password. I am sick of reading reviews, I rather be my own critic.LOVE this

  4. Andy

    I need more to do, Arie! (Not really…but I'm a sucker for new stuff.) So…here's hoping I get the invite. (Be careful what you wish for?) Can't wait for the announcement…

  5. xcetrachick

    I will ride the Google wave with you! Let me know if I win, what info you need from me. Nice of you to share your invites with your blog friends. Here's my email address: Cheers! xc

  6. The Jaded NYer

    I've watched the video. I've read this post. I've heard people explain it. But what is it about my brain that just doesn't get WHY I should want or need Google Wave? I feel like my grandma complaining about microwaves and how it wold make our insides blow up SMDH

  7. Dave [ ]

    Great template, and info on Google Wave. Looking forward to trying it out and contributing to the project.

  8. pballins

    I haven't read your blog before but I think I will check it often. I found it through Twitter. I really like the site design you got going here. Kudos!