Word Camp NYC – Blogger Track (Part 2)

bag from WNYC/WCNY |Cont…WCNY Part 2 of 2|

Plugins…The plugins section was comprised of a couple of developers and their products…Beau Lebens talked about Intense Debate, a great plugin to better your comments section. Jonathan Davis talked about a Shopp plugin, great if you sell a product on your site. Rafael Mudge talked about a great spell checking and grammar plugin for your site called After The Deadline. Jake M. Goldman talked about Recommended Reading plugin which works with your Google Reader and notifies your blog readers on posts you find interesting…

Stats Showdown by NextStephwas really informative, it taught us about site stats and how to track them…We learned about Google Analytics, WP-Stats, WordPress.com/stats and WP-Stats Dashboard. NextSteph has the slides up so you can check those out for more info.

SEO/SEM Review by Corey Eulaswas one of the most popular presentations in the Blogger Track and a few developers came to see this presentation as well…TONS of info discussed here. Corey put up the slides for his show, so I suggest you go check those out ASAP! A few things mentioned were:

Last but not least was the very interesting presentation on How to be a Media Slut by Michelle Leder of Footnoted.org. This presentation talked about a few things (no slides up yet):

  • Owning your subject (for your blog, your website, whatever you do, OWN IT)
  • Following up when people don’t give you credit for something you posted that is original.
  • Reach out to other bloggers/journalist (NETWORK)
  • In your About section list your mentions here. (If you were mentioned in another post, on a newspaper, etc..)
  • Make a list of your top sites and reach out to them.

This was everything I’ve learned at WordCamp NYC 2009. I hope you find all this information useful! I know I do. Feel free to Bookmark this page, or email it to yourself or anyone you think might benefit from it. REMEMBER: Sharing is Caring!

On that note….
I’m OUT!

Happy Sunday!

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