Blogging Tips #6 Look But Don’t Touch…How to deal with Copycats?!

Blogging Tips #6
Look but don’t touch…How to deal with copycats?

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We all do it “steal other people’s blog ideas and/or blog info,” some of us call it research, plagiarism, borrowing, etc… There’s a saying that says “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”- Charles Caleb Colton, I kind of agree with this saying, here are my reasons why:

We can learn a lot from each other, information is useless if we don’t use it, therefore we must share it. Ways to share/borrow or steal other people’s ideas/thoughts is to:
a) Make it your own. Don’t copy word for word, paraphrasing and citations works (give the person credit).
b) Relax, don’t be offended, you are not the only one whose ideas are being copied, many ideas aren’t as unique as we think they are, many people share the same idea, it’s up to you to make it your OWN, OWN your idea, add that “special thing” that makes it YOURS!

When does it get serious?!

It gets serious when people steal your whole content, word for word and not give you credit for it. The post Copycat bloggers don’t last long, and other truths to keep you sane by BlogCoach talks about this seriousness of Copycat Bloggers in greater detail. It is your work, so take action…Below are some things you can do to take action.

1) Try using it digitally copyrights and defines rights to your work. I use it too, I have been using it for over a year, and no complaints.
2) Contact the blogger/site owner that is stealing your work, send them a nice little email explaining the issue, include a link to your work with the date, and hopefully this should fix it.

3) If step# 2 doesn’t work, then you take further action and hire a lawyer. Hopefully it won’t have to go that far.

So, how do you deal with your copycats?!

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3 thoughts on “Blogging Tips #6 Look But Don’t Touch…How to deal with Copycats?!

  1. KMP Blog (Keep Me Po

    Thank you Wynsters, glad you like it. I can see how you can worry about poems on the internet, that would suck if someone steals your content. But definitively check out the copyright site, it might not seem like it does a lot at the time, but it's just a way of CYA (covering your A$$) if you ever need to prove your own work in the future.

  2. wynsters the tigress

    this is good information! i often think of copyrights whenever i upload a poem or a story. i will definitely look into that website.