The Interviews…

I don’t think yall ready…

Today, is the launch of an important site to me, just as important as As may already know KMP blog has been covering quite a few interesting topics, from blogging tips, Money Mondays, DVD Tuesdays, Fun Fridays, and of course The Interviews.

I enjoy all my topics that’s why I just can’t see myself blogging about one topic and one topic only, to me it would just be kinda “boring”. However, I have noticed that some topics don’t get the SHINE that they deserve, such as The Interviews…therefore, I have decided to expand KMP Blog and create a fabulous new site for The Interviews, this way, everyone that has been interviewed by KMP, will get their moment to shine, with that said…I present to you….

The Interviews
brought to you by KMP Blog

The site is fairly new, and most of the interviews on there are posted on KMP Blog. I am still in the process of transferring the rest of the interviews, so be patient.

Remember to subscribe to the feed via email, that way you stay posted every time a new interview is up.

Starting January 2010, I’ll be doing video/audio podcast interviews to switch it up a bit.

I hope you love it, I know I do.

Have a great Sunday!!

2 thoughts on “The Interviews…

  1. T-Charry

    this is a GREAT idea!And I am like this too…I just can't pick ONE thing to talk about on my blog, I just write about WHATEVER is on my mind =)