Wow, where do I begin? I must say I was a bit hesitant to see this movie, I heard too much hype about it that I just didn’t care about it anymore, but then I thought, let’s give it a try…and I am glad I did.
Ok, so I went to see it in Real 3D, instead of IMAX 3D. What’s the difference?! Well, I did a quick Google search and I was convinced to go see it in Real 3D, you are welcome to make your own choice, either way I’m sure it’ll be a great choice.
The movie is 2 1/2 hours long, but I didn’t quite felt like it. Once it ended I was so hooked to the movie that I actually wanted to go back, you feel so in touch with the 3D world, it is amazing.
You’ll also get to see some really cool 3D previews including the new Shrek movie coming out in 3D, that looks like it’ll be tons of fun!

So the movie itself was amazing, the 3D graphics were sooo real, words can’t describe the experience. Like many of you that have seen the movie said, you actually feel like you are in there with them in the jungle. So true! I felt like I was there, I think at one point in the movie I was so submerge in the 3D world that my senses were all screwed up, I was feeling the falling particles and smelling their air…This obviously was just my imagination running wild with the movie, but I didn’t care, I truly enjoyed this movie. Zoë Saldaña did an spectacular job, I believed her in the movie and her character, Neytiri. Her feelings and emotions felt so real, the pain, it was all too great!
This movie is a definitively must see. A roller coaster ride from start to finished, filled with emotions, excitement, anger, and laughter you’ll be happy you went to see it too.
If you saw Avatar, please tell me what you thought?!

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2 thoughts on “Avatar

  1. Film-Book dot Com

    I thought the film was good, the special effects were great. I really have to get a move on with my review for it.

  2. wynsters the tigress

    it was great! definitely something i will go see again. the characters felt so real that i was actually sad when the movie ended. it's amazing what CG can do these days.