Week in Review – 12/6/09

Week in Review, What you have missed so far…
(11/29/09 – 12/06/09)

Sunday (11/29/09)
DVD Tuesday for 12/1/09

Monday (11/30/09)
Money Mondays – Cyber Monday – Happy Shopping
50% said Yes to Cyber Shopping
50% said No to Cyber Shopping

Tuesday (12/1/09)
Blogging Tip# 6 – Look but don’t touch

Sunday, (12/06/09)
Announcement: The Interviews…(new blog site)

Other things happening…

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Top Traffic Sources to KMP Blog for

(11/29/09 – 12/06/09)

Top referring sites:

Top Keywords:

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if you delete a contact off your bbm can they still read your messages
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Posts you REALLY enjoyed this week:
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That’s it for now! See you next Sunday!!

*Summing Sundays*