Haiti Earthquake Relief – NYers to the Rescue

KMP InterviewsOn Saturday, January 16, 2010 a group of fabulous people, got together and helped collect a tremendous of amount of items highly needed by the people in Haiti. It is amazing how many people CARED and showed up with TONS, when I say TONS, I mean TONS of use/unused clothes, shoes, medicine, first aid kits, matches, candles. You name it, it was donated!
The event was so successful that even the storage place was full and a new storage place was to be found.
The event started at 1pm, most of us arrived at Butter NYC at 12-12:30pm, and worked heavily and steadily til about 3pm, and patiently waited for the truck from Yele to come pick up the boxes to take to the storage facility.
All in all, we were out there, til about 7-8pm and although many of us were hungry and tired…(cont. reading here)

One thought on “Haiti Earthquake Relief – NYers to the Rescue

  1. ElMyers Peres

    The Haitian people has my condoloences. The recent earthquake was a tragedy.