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Blogger to WordPress Migration

For the last 2 years I have been contemplating on making the switch to WordPress (WP). Let me explain. When I first started KMP Blog it has always been through Blogspot aka I have always used Blogspot because it is easy to use and less complicated CSS (computer science stuff).

So for about a year or two I blogged consistently about 2 or 3 post per week if not more, and I had noticed that Google hadn’t been indexing my post on the search engine and my traffic was not as high as it was when I first started blogging

I’ve heard stories about WordPress and how Google loves WordPress, meaning it indexes WP pages much faster than Blogspot (I don’t know how true this is, but I believe it). Anyways, about a year ago I tried to make the migration to WP myself and that wasn’t very successful, I ended up copying and pasting a lot of my posts on my own and it was just a terrible mess, that I just ended up back in Blogspot.

Sometime last year I attended WordCamp NYC 2009 and it taught me A LOT about WP, and with this new found knowledge, I promised myself that for 2010, I would move KMP Blog to WP and as of February 25, 2010 KMP Blog is now a self-hosted site through

Ok, so how did this happen?!

There was no way I was going to make this migration myself. A month ago someone had contacted in regards to my site and suggesting I make the switch to WP and offering his services for a fee of course. So I thought about it…and then I decided that enough was enough, I either did it now or never, so I trusted my gut and contacted Harsh Agrawal from and and we took it from there.

The process was PAINLESS! I am usually skeptical about making business via the internet and stuff, but Harsh was very professional. The process was as simple as 1, 2, 3. Well Harsh and his RT Camp team made it seem that way. Here’s how it goes down:

  1. Contact Harsh, provide info needed (s/a access to blogger, hosting site info, and half of payment for services).
  2. Within the first 5-6 hours the migration to WP has started, your blogspot site is now on with a basic template before formatting begins. All comments, posts, categories, pics, videos, everything has been transferred over. Painlessly!
  3. Formatting of site begins. You are given a premium template to choose for your site. Harsh and his team format it to make it as SEO/Google friendly and people friendly as possible. They even add the Mobile version for iTouch/iPhone users. This option is hot!! The site loads so much faster, both mobile and regular web. Once all the formatting is complete, second half of payment is requested. Harsh then emails you an email with all your login info and passwords. He also sends you invoices and receipts of your payments.

This all happened in less than 24 hours!!

And that’s pretty much it! A painless, affordable migration, full of rewards. If you want your blog to eventually generate some income, you’ll need some traffic and with that said, I highly recommend their services!


A very pleased customer!

To contact Harsh Agrawal and his team, you can find him through his site:
or via Twitter: @denharsh

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11 thoughts on “Blogspot to WordPress Migration – KMP Experience

  1. mikethemovieguy

    I was planning on moving from Blogger (www.mikethemovieguypierce) to WordPress, but someone in the industry told me to keep both. So now, in just a few days…I'm launching on WP.

    Do you think it's smart to keep both or just stick with one?

  2. beautylogicblog

    @ArieRich i’m thinking of making the switch, google indexes my site though already but I hear wordpress is just better in general.

    1. ArieRich

      @beautylogicblog yea I like blogger but wordpress seems 2 b better if u are planning 2 blog 4 a long time. Traffic is better too #blogchat

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  4. ProMovieBlogger

    Thx you for the kind words and I'm glad you found the post informative.

    Before I started my website I read a e-Book about blogging which is why I didn't go the free service route.

  5. Arie Rich Post author

    Thanks Promovieblogger for stopping by and the compliment. I am glad I made the switch, it was too time consuming and overwhelming for me to do on my own, I am just glad someone knew what they were doing and was able to handle it for me.

    I read your post on hosting site vs free blogging site. It is a great read and a must read. You cover some really great points, that everyone must read. Thank you for that!

  6. ProMovieBlogger

    The new design is much better than the old one.

    At lot of bloggers face the same issue you eventually did with you blog. I wrote about it here:

    Hosted Websites vs. Free Blogging Services: The Great Debate

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