Affirmation Bracelet – Giveaway (WINNER)

A few weeks ago I attended the Dream Workshop I posted about. I honestly did not know what to expect, and what to get out of it, but somehow I felt like I could’ve used the inspiration, motivation, that extra push from others.
The workshop was similar to a Stress Management for Human Service workers course I took at Hunter College. At the workshop we learned about the power of your mind, conscious and subconscious, as well as AFFIRMATIONS.
Positive affirmations are soo powerful; let me say that again, Positive affirmations are soo powerful.
If we can all change one negative thought with a positive one, our lives will be much better.
I have been noticing that many of us are afraid of change, and most of us suffer from anxieties, worry and fears. I suffer from anxiety/panic attacks but you know what I find fascinating about me, is that it is through my fears that I get through life. I feel the fear and I do it anyway.

Change sounds like a scary word, and it is a negative thought that we instill on our brains. I went to this workshop and I knew what I wanted to change in my negative thoughts, and I came up with a powerful affirmation, which has been replacing my negative thoughts: I AM POWERFUL, SECURE & FEARLESS! That’s it! As simple as that.
Every time I feel low, insecure, worthless, defeated, scared and ready to give up, I look at my affirmation bracelet and remember my affirmation… I AM POWERFUL, SECURE & FEARLESS!

KMP Blog and is giving away ONE lucky reader an affirmation bracelet. The winner can either attend the workshop on Saturday, May 1st, 2010 in NYC and create the affirmation bracelet there along with other students, or receive the Affirmation Bracelet Kit via mail, which will include, the beads, the string and a how to create your affirmation bracelet sheet.
I hope you all enter the contest/giveaway. You can enter for someone else if you feel this does not apply to you, but it would make a great gift for someone else.

Just leave a comment in the comment section and a winner will be select randomly on Wednesday, April 28, 2010.

We have a winner!

3 thoughts on “Affirmation Bracelet – Giveaway (WINNER)

  1. Andy

    You and Raeven are so dang cool, Arie. I can't say I have an affirmation…but maybe I should create one. You make a good point above…when you need it you have it.

  2. Robin

    I am a great believer in the power of affirmations. I have seen it at work and been a witness to it’s success. A bracelet is a wonderful way to bring attention to daily affirmation. I’d be happy to win this and I’d make so much use of it. :-)