Dream Workshop – (NYC only)

Let’s face it, it’s doesn’t take much to lose sight of our goals and priorities. Distractions come in all shapes, sizes, shoe colors and people. But what if we took one step forward and made life a little easier? Starting with the most important and strongest weapon, our thoughts.

Learn and create your own personal affirmation while attaching it to a bracelet made by you! What we put into ourselves, is the same thing we give back to ourselves. Let your positive thoughts be a priority and help make your dreams come true. Better thoughts, create better results.

Bracelets are made of Black onyx beads (a strength-giving stone good for mental and emotional stress; balancing the mind, body and helping you stay grounded, bringing you self-confidence) and a Power bead to remind you of your light within. (Raeven Western)

The class is today, April 10, 2010
The seating is limited.
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