Latinos Are Unidos – Rally against Arizona Immigration Law

Photo: Tampa Bay Online (

Yesterday, after waiting for the M14 bus going towards the Lower East Side I realized it wasn’t coming so I decided to walk down to 2nd avenue. Once I got towards Union Square Park, I realized why the bus wasn’t coming down this way, there was a HUGE rally against Arizona’s immigration law. It was heartwarming. Thousands of Latinos were united Marching down 4th Avenue, waving their flags and chanting in Spanish. The energy was so alive, I felt so alive walking past them. I was teary eyed as I quickly pulled out my Flip Video and recorded this clip.

NBC has a great coverage on yesterday’s event. Apparently the rally wasn’t just in NYC, May 1st seems to have been a date picked for this rally and many states participated as well. Reuters has some AMAZING images of Latinos in Los Angeles, Washington D.C and other states.

Rally Against AZ Immigration Laws from Arie Rich on Vimeo.