Lost Stolen Blackberry App

Another Blackberry lost or stolen or even misplaced?! What if I told you there’s an app for that!!! Are you one of those people that has had 3-4 Blackberries in less than a year, due to misplacing, lost or stolen?!  It happens, it happens to all of us. I’ve done it before, look for my phone for hours trying to figure out where I left it, and having to retrace my steps. Well, not anymore! Ever since I got the Berry Snooper!

The Berry Snooper is wonderful and work wonders. Simply download on your Blackberry, follow the simple instructions. I tested it out on myself and was impressed by how accurate it tells you where your phone is. Using GPS, it tracks your phone down, letting you know the most precise location, on where your phone might be. You can have it set it so it can send you an email or a text to someone else’s phone (like friend or family member). Berry Snooper provides you with a link to a map where it tells you the address/location of where your phone is. It is great! Especially for people that keep losing their phones at clubs, cabs, etc… I totally recommend it.

Berry Snooper – Video

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Please note: Berry Snooper provided me with a free download of this app for review.