Think You Won’t Ever Lose Your Car Keys? Think Again

Guest Post by Eric Rea from Auto Transponder.

You’re brushed, washed, primped, and primed. The kids, cat, and dog are fed and watered. The dog relieved and walked. Kid lunches are done and they’re happily on their way to school. You have all your work supplies, proper shoes, and you’ve fed and watered yourself, too.

Whistling a going-to-be-a-great-day tune, you make your final polishing touches, head for the door, reach for your car keys, and … nothing. No keys. Where are the car keys?

You search low and high, overturn small and large objects, dig into the furniture, paw through drawers and laundry baskets, check the ignition of your vehicle, dig through pockets, look into the dog’s bowl, the kitty litter box, the kid’s toy box, and still nothing.

It’s really not the end of your day, but when the missing car key realization hits, it seems like it. This dilemma is so typical; it’s almost inhuman to not experience it at least once in your life.

Here are a few things to do when the inevitable happens.

  • Have replacement car keys at the ready. Losing your car keys is common enough that there’s an entire industry for car key replacements. Your best bet is to have a spare or two made, and keep them in a secure drawer or hanging on the wall key hook.
    You can also have a sibling, parent, or a longtime, trustworthy friend have a set just in case you’re not at home when you lose your keys. And when you’re down to your last two pair, get some more made.
  • Put your car keys in the same places. Car keys are like socks. They inexplicably disappear, never to be seen again. Making a conscious habit to always put them down in the same three places will save you from laundry basket diving, litter box sifting, and toy box plunging.
  • Have a locksmith on speed dial. Keeping the number of a reliable locksmith in your emergency list isn’t a bad idea either. When you do lose your keys, it isn’t always just the car keys that up and walk away. You may need more than car key replacements.

Be prepared. It will happen, and there’s a very good chance that it will happen more than once. In the meantime, keep whistling your merry melody. It can still be a great day.

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