10 Bodyweight Exercises To Get Those Six Pack Abs

men's six pack abs
six pack abs on a man

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If you’re chasing after the goal to get six pack abs, performing some regular bodyweight exercises can help you get there faster.  Remember that clearly seeing your ab muscles will come down to maintaining a level of body fat that’s low enough, but once you’re working on your diet to accomplish that, the following will nicely tone and define the whole abdominal region.

Plank On A Ball

If you’re looking to really strengthen the muscles deep within your abdominal core, nothing beast a plank on the ball.  The standard plank is often used to help really work the upper and lower ab muscles, but by moving it over to the ball you reduce your stability and push the intensity up that much further.

Place the hands or the feet on the ball for best results.

Prone Ball Roll-Outs

Second, another great exercise for the abs using that exercise ball are prone ball roll-outs.  Since you’re in the opposite position here that you’d normally be in for crunches, this adds an element of surprise for the ab muscles.

Anytime you can hit them with something they aren’t used to, you’re going to see better results.

Captains Chair Leg Raise

Moving on, the captains chair leg raise is a great way to boost the intensity of your ab workout and work the hip flexors as well.  Try and keep the legs in a straight position as you do this movement and pause very briefly at the top if you can.

Exercise Ball Push-Ups

With exercise ball push-ups on the ball, you’ll not only target the abs but the upper body as well.  This exercise is great for building up your upper body strength so should be added to your program regularly.  Be sure that you maintain that straight back alignment as you perform this one however to ensure no back pain develops.

The Bicycle

If you want to target the obliques, the bicycle can’t be beat.  As you perform this movement your main goal must be to keep the feet slightly elevated off the floor at all times since that is what will maintain that tension on the lower abs.

Lying Leg Raises

Like the captains chair, the lying leg raises are great for targeting the lower abs as well as the hip flexors. If you don’t happen to have a captains chair machine around you, this is the next best alternative to use.

Decline Sit-Ups

For targeting the lower ab muscles, decline sit-ups are a great way to go. Simply place the feet underneath the padding and then slowly lower the body back down until you’ve reached the end point. Since you’re at a decline while you do this, you’ll be placing more tension on those abs which is what will help to really enhance the overall definition you see.


Burpees are not only a great way to get in some cardio, but if you want to target the abs, they’re going to help you out there too.  Be sure to really think of squeezing the ab muscles as you kick the legs out underneath you to reap the full benefits of this exercise.

Romanian Twists

Romanian twists are another nice exercise to perform to work the glutes and are best done when you’re lying on an exercise ball for that added instability.  Be sure to lower the arms as far down as you can go for best results.

Bench Sit-Ups

Finally, the last exercise that you should add to improve your abs are bench sit-ups.  For this you simply lie across the short side of a bench and lean back while you stretch out your legs.  When you’re done as far as you can go, contract up once again to complete the rep.  The body will be performing a V motion as you go about this.

So keep all of these bodyweight ab exercises in mind as you go about your ab workout program.

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