Pre Order iPhone 4 – TODAY


iPhone 4 Pre-Order day is finally here, June 15, 2010. I have been counting down the days, the hours and at around 4:30am (est), something tells me, after waking up, to check the Apple Store and see if the iPhone 4 is up and ready for pre-ordering. So I check from my phone, it’s there! WTH, it’s 4:30am, did they really think people were going to be up at this time?! (apparently). Then it hit me, they probably put it up for pre-order at 12:00am PST which is 3am EST.

Ugh, so I get up, get my laptop, and my wallet…I really thought this was going to be an quick and easy transaction, after all who else is up this early?! it is 4:30am…WRONG! I tried the first time, it said I took too long and my request had been timed out or something, tried again, same message.

Anyways, so after 20k requests, and spinning, hypnotic, processing your request wheels, and 2 hour plus later, I still refused to settle for the in store pick up. I can just see that long, ridiculous line from here to who knows where, with all the news channels there, and people standing there for days, ugh…Like here

Anyways, so after a few “Oops!” and “We’ll Be Back Soon” messages on the Apple screen, I decided to settle and reserve pre-order for in store pick up on June 24th. We’ll see how that goes… But as of right now, I can’t say, I have an iPhone 4, I personally don’t trust this “reserve” thing.

OH by the way, if you want a White iPhone 4, that one is not yet available. You can either wait until it is, or get the Black iPhone 4.

Did you have better luck Pre-Ordering your iPhone 4? Please share, and how long did it take you? Did you reserve for pick up or had it delivered?!