Credit Card Finder Minimalism Series Part 2 – Top 13 Frugal iPhone Applications To Help You Save

This guest post was written by Timothy Ng who is a personal finance writer for Credit Card Finder. Look out next week for Credit Card Finder Minimalism Series Part 3 (part 1 here). For more personal finance articles simply visit our website or subscribe to our RSS feed for daily updates and more related articles.

If you are a frugal person like myself you probably think that the iPhone is an indulgence that is simply not in the budget. While the initial investment in it is costly, over time the iPhone can actually save you money. By figuring out which of the applications can help you cut costs and find the best deals, your iPhone will quickly become a budget boon rather then a budget buster. Listed here are some of the top money saving applications that you too can use to save money.

13 Frugal iPhone Apps:

  1. Grocery Gadget – This application helps you create and keep ongoing grocery lists. Since it is always in your pocket you will never again buy duplicate items or waste extra trips to the store.
  2. Fring – Social networking and actual communication come together on this app. It allows you to link your various accounts and use it for voice calls over the WiFi, so you won’t have to worry about going over your talk minutes.
  3. Save Benjis – For less then a dollar this iPhone app tells you which store has the best price for loads of items and even helps you find coupons.
  4. GasBuddy – There is nothing worse then filling up with petrol only to see it cheaper down the road. This app helps you find the lowest priced gas near you. Currently only available in the US and Canada.
  5. Kids Eat Free – Just like it sounds this app tells you when restaurants have free nights for kids.
  6. Coupon Sherpa – This iPhone app is simple to use. It allows you to flick through retail store listings and find their coupons. The best part is you do not have to print them out, just show the iPhone to the cashier and she can scan the bar code on your phone.
  7. Happy Hours – Who does not want an app that tells you what the local happy hour specials are?
  8. Frugal Golf – This app uses the GPS and maps that you build prior to your golf game to provide yardage for your next swing.
  9. Yard Sale – If you love a good bargain then this is the perfect app for you. It takes the listings for yard sales from Craigslist and maps them out on Google maps for you. This will save you time and money in wasted gas from driving in circles.
  10. Drink Specials – If you missed happy hour or live in a city that the happy hour app does not cover this app helps you find local drink specials almost anywhere.
  11. Money Saver – Since you are frugal, or your would not be reading this you will love this app. It contains more then 150 tips for saving money and has options to build a favorites list, or deck as they call it, along with lots of other personalised features.
  12. Coupon Cabin – This app is a coupon finder, specifically for online stores. They do the work for you and send you weekly publications with all the best coupons listed.
  13. Mint – Tracking your budget is easy with this app because you can do it all from your phone or link up to your computer when you are at home.

If personal finance is important to you there is no reason not to have an iPhone. While you might think that it is a waste of money or just an expensive gadget it is actually a useful piece of equipment that can help you manage and save your money. All of that and you can play scrabble on it too.