Nina Shoes for Blog Café® 2.0

More exciting news about Blog Café 2.0, with less than 2 weeks left, guest list sold out as well as wait list being closed, this event will be a great one, and definitively one to remember.

I wanted to take this time to share another exciting sponsor for Blog Café 2.0, NINA SHOES! We might remember Nina Shoes from Kitty Bradshaw’s 2nd Blogiversary. Well, Nina Shoes is giving us all the chance to fill our closets with more wonderful shoes, by giving us 20% off EVERYTHING on their website!!
On top of that they are also giving us an extra 10% if we Tweet, Facebook, Foursquare and/or Blog about “#BlogCafe”

i.e.: Can’t wait to attend #BlogCafe and network with so many NYC bloggers!

To my all my Bloggers, especially my Fashion Bloggers:

Feel free to share this promotion with your readers, you can use the image above.

That’s it for now, I’ll keep you all posted on new and exciting news before our big event!

P.S.: Don’t forget to follow Nina Shoes: @Nina_Shoes