AOL Blogger’s Night Out – BlogHer 2010 (Pt. 3)

After a long day, we ended the night at the AOL Blogger’s Night Out event at the Hudson Terrace. What a way to end the evening! This place is beautiful, from the couches, location, to the decor, it felt great to close Thursday night at the Hudson Terrace. AOL really hooked up for the bloggers, from Specialty blog drinks, to photo/video booths, to manicures, and Top Chef presentations, to AOL branded pillows on the leather couches, bloggers felt WELCOMED!

I know I did, the best part for me was the photoshoot provided by StudioBooth, where we got to take vintage styled photos and print/email/Twitter and Facebook them using, what else, iPads! Neat!

Here’s a photo I took with Eb The Celeb & Kitty Bradshaw!

and of course a solo pic of me!

On our way out were given gift bags which included tons of much needed items, to name a few: A girl’s survival kit/bag which included: Beach sandal flash drive, a mirror, hand sanitizer, blotting sheets, notepad, nail kit, lip gloss, nail files. The large AOL bag included a calendar by Kitchen Daily & Crest White Strips by My Daily.

What can I say?! Girls, just like to have fuuunnn!!!

7 thoughts on “AOL Blogger’s Night Out – BlogHer 2010 (Pt. 3)

  1. @DivasandDorks

    I had a blast at this event!!!! I met so many bloggers and made so many new friends! And playing "dress up" in front of that camera was the highlight of the night! LOL

    1. KMP Blog Post author

      They sure were!! BTW I love this main pic of you in the yellow top, you look so happy about something. :)

  2. JoJo Hernadez

    Hey Arie i hope yall have a bkast at this event i would love to come up for one of em