Blog Café® 2.0 – The Review

On Wednesday, August 11, 2010, tons of NYC Bloggers and readers got together and networked like no other day, why?! because it was Blog Café® 2.0!!

What is Blog Café® 2.0?! You might ask…

Blog Café® 2.0 is the second annual blog networking event, this is where blogger meets reader! Bloggers from NYC/NJ come out and network, exchange business cards, say hello to our readers and just have a good ol time.

This year Blog Café 2.0 was a success, an array of bloggers from different niche came out and networked and had a good time like no other. The event was sponsored by some bloggers that took the time to search in their pile of goodies and prepare gift bags to raffle away at the event. Seven (7) goodie bags were filled with sponsored items and ready to be raffled to the attendees. As well as gift cards, and gift certificates to the first couple of people to show up at the event.

Below is a list of the Bloggers/PR/Companies that really came through for the event by providing items for the goodie bags:
SpaWeek Daily (Michelle Joni)
Nina Shoes (Matthew)
John Simon Daily
Naked with Socks On
Soie Aroma Skin Care (Thanks to Kristina Libby LLC)
Le ‘Bulga (Thanks to Kristina Libby LLC)
HM Think Latino (Thanks to Mike “The Movie Guy” Pierce)
and thanks to PS 450 for allowing me to use their space for my event.
Thank you all for your support you guys/gals rock!!! Blog love forever!

Even though the place felt kinda cramped after reaching a large amount of people, the tightness in the room, did not stop the bloggers/readers from having a good time, as always we make the best of any and everything.

I want to take this time to THANK everyone that came out to the event, way too many to name but without your attendance and support this event would not have been possible, so a BIG THANK YOU!!!!!

Below are some really great pics from the event…

For those that attended the event, you can now enter to win one of  the three (3) $50 SpaWeek Gift Cards!!! All you have to do is write a blog post reviewing the event, that’s it! Email me a link to your story and SpaWeek & KMP Blog will select 3 winners.
**Please submit your links by Friday, August 20, 2010

2 thoughts on “Blog Café® 2.0 – The Review

  1. KMP Blog Post author

    Thanks Raeven, it is great to see so many people come together in one place and see them again and be like I know him/her. Twitter does build relationships! I've developed soooo many positive relationships through Twitter than through any other social network, and the networking is endless. We are a business family.

    Someone suggested I do Blog Cafe more often, I guess once a year wasn't enough, maybe I'll start doing .5s (Blog Cafe 2.5) lol. We'll see… I also, in the near future want to expand Blog Cafe to other states and maybe have Blog Cafe 5.0 in LA or Miami, or any other blogging city. That's still in the works, we'll see how it goes. :-)

  2. Raeven Western

    So inspired by the turnout of this event! It is really the start of something magical and it’s beautiful when people can come out to share, meet and greet each other to help, move in new direction and have fun in the mist of it all. Love being able to meet new bloggers and put faces with blogger that you read about.

    Keep doing your thing Arie! Looking forward to next year, though you may want to work on doing it two times a year lol

    Raeven Western

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