Finding Motivation to Stay Fit – Guest Post by Lita Lewis

The end of Summer is near, and this is the time of the year where we stop going to the gym, working out, and back to eating like crazy, because the Fall/Winter clothes will keep that weight nicely hidden. Right?! Wrong! I’ve recently joined the gym, ok, maybe about a month or two ago, and I am trying to make it habit of going and getting and staying fit. Whether it’s Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring, I will put in some workout in my daily life. Not an option, it’ll be a lifestyle. I have also changed by diet a bit, drinking Almond Milk instead of regular milk, eating moderately, and eating more greens. 2010 has been a year of positive changes.
As way of staying fit and sharing this with you all, I have asked a wonderful fitness guru/fitness blogger to share some of her amazing fitness tips and how to stay motivated. Motivation is such an important thing when starting a fitness routine. Below are her amazing answers, they are truly motivating. Please share this post with others that might need that extra push…

With that said, I now introduce you to Lita Lewis of Follow The Lita

How do you stay motivated enough to  want to workout?

This is an interesting question Arie! Unlike many I don’t need a whole lot of  motivation to want to work out. Personally I really enjoy working out and staying active. Women ask me all the time why it is I work out so much and my answer is pretty simple and perhaps this answers your initial question – I stay motivated because my health and taking care of my body is very important to me. Because I exercise I feel healthy, strong, fit and physical capable of doing other things that I enjoy, like playing sports.

What are some ways you stay motivated that have worked for you and might work for others?

Staying motivated can be spurred from many things, for me I am body conscious in terms of looking fit and also feeling fit!  If you are somebody that prides themselves of looking and feeling fit then this should speak volumes to you. I also stay motivated because I aspire to icons and gurus in the Health & Fitness industry. My favorite fitness model and extraordinaire is Alicia Marie, I just think she’s amazing ). Not only does she have an incredible physique her personality and charm are undeniable. I look up to her because her influence on women’s health has and is motivating thousands of women to want to get into gear and make lifestyle changes to better their health – now that in return motivates me!

My family motivate me. I receive plenty of encouragement from the ones I love to pursue what I love to do, my workouts and exercise regime is no exception to this. I love that I can be a role model of healthy living to my sisters as well as give my boyfriend a good run for his money in an arm wrestle! Lol  :)

Tips on starting a workout routine?

Start with the right attitude. There’s no point in starting a workout routine with a negative attitude against what you’re about to do. I ask “How bad do you want this?” …your answer will reflect your effort. If you’re not enthusiastic about working out your efforts on that treadmill will lack what it takes to reach results.

Set goals. Visualize how you’d like to look and start by setting goals that will meet this goal. Also be realistic, sure Hollywood paints a pretty little perfect of bodies we all admire but understand your own body type & love it. Aim for your own ideal body type and avoid comparing yourself to others, especially those seen on TV and in magazines.

Go the healthy route and avoid the “quick fixes”. I’ve never been a fan of the quick fix plans, diet fads, shakes and no food-liquid only cleanses. Nothing beats losing weight the healthy way by good old fashion hard work. Statistics show that if you lose weight the ‘old fashion way’ you more likely to keep it off!

Work with a Personal Trainer. A professional can show you how to work out the smart way, he/she can also write up a personal plan suited for your body and to help you meet your goals. Many benefit from a PT simply for motivational purposes.

What are some main things you need to do in order to stay fit or in shape?

Consistency. Working out once a month is not going to blast away that cellulite your keep cursing at when you squeeze your upper thigh in the mirror! I am for at least 3-4 bouts of exercise each week, this is both in and out of the gym types of exercise.

Clean eating. Cut the junk and make better, healthier choices. Your body is your engine, feed it with the good stuff to keep it functioning better, longer, stronger!

Keep it fun. Nobody likes to stick to a boring workout routine. Beach volleyball, run the bleaches, skip rope, wrestle in the living room!

Change it up. Your muscles love change and really benefit from it too. Skip the treadmill for a run in the park. Ditch a spin class for kickball in the park or simply change up your workout regime in the gym. If you’ve hit a plateau changing things up is the best option to pursue.

Subscribe to Health & Fitness magazines. You’ll find a great deal of advice around nutrition and exercises. You’ll also be bombarded by professional fitness bodies that will help motivate you. Strong, healthy icons are always better than skinny, plastic-ridden icons!

I’ll leave you with my Top Five musts pertaining to your overall health:

1.       Water is your best friend. Drink it, cut soda altogether!

2.       Eat 5-6 times a day. Breakfast, Snack 1, Lunch, Snack 2, Dinner, Light Snack

3.       Consistent Efforts. Get up and go, work out 3-4 times a week!

4.       Sleep. Get plenty of it, 7-8hrs if possible

5.       Have fun! Make it a lifestyle, not a chore!

2 thoughts on “Finding Motivation to Stay Fit – Guest Post by Lita Lewis

  1. myra lou

    It's really hard to motivate someone to do some exercise or any activities to get a fit body but this is very important for our health.

  2. wencis jals

    It's really hard to get motivated when it comes to fitness but we really need not to be lazy because this is for our health.