10 Things To Do While Vacationing in Cancun

Spring Break in Cancun

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When you think of Cancun you think about partying, drinking, spring break wild stuff, but there’s so much more to do to making your resort stay more productive, enjoyable and worth the money.

Below are ten things to making your Cancun stay more rewarding:

1. All-inclusive – Cancun is filled with tons of all inclusive resorts for your enjoyment. All inclusive means pretty much everything is free!! Take advantage of that.

2. Eat – with all inclusive comes food!! Most resorts have a variety of restaurants in the resort so you’ll have plenty of options on where to eat. Don’t like the food in one restaurant, go to the next one. You are not limited to how many times you can eat, so eat away.

3. Drink – drinks are also all inclusive. Order whatever you like!  From bottle water, to a shot of Jose Cuervo, to a glass of Corona and/or a delicious margarita, you can have it all. As far as drinking, pls make sure to include water in between your drinking to stay hydrate and somewhat sober. This will make your vacation even more enjoyable.

4. Explore the resort – go see what’s in the hotel, activities, spa room, gym, where the bathrooms are, the beach the pool, where to get towels from, etc… You can do all this on the first day, that way you have the rest of the days to decide what activities you’d like to do.

Chichen Itza Pyramid in Mexico

5. Tours – if you didn’t make reservations for tours prior to landing, make sure you make one as soon as you get there. Cancun/Mexico has some amazing places for you to visit, outside of your resort. Don’t be afraid, there’s life outside that paradise all inclusive resort! Go explore some more. Some recommendations include: Chichén Itzá pyramids in the Yucatan region. Expedia offers a great deluxe tour which includes food and drinks for $99 per person.  The tour is approximately 12 hours long, but definitively worth it as you will be taken to see one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. There are a few other places to visit, isla de la mujeres, Tulum, xcaret, etc…

6. Tan – use a day to catch up on your tanning. Hit the beach and/or the pool and relax and enjoy nature’s beauty. Don’t forget your SPF. I know how we like to get tanned, and we tend to sit out there with lil to no SPF then we start to look like lobsters. Anyways, I recommend SPF 50 or 70. That sun ain’t no joke. Also, avoid tanning between 12-2pm that’s when the sun is brutal!!

La Habichuela restaurant in Cancun

7. Restaurants – after a few days the food at the resort can get a bit old and repetitive. This is when you head back out and explore some more. There’s tons of restaurants on the hotel strip so either get on a cab or take the bus and find a great restaurant to eat. A fellow blogger (BeautyLogicBlog.com) recommended I eat at La Habichuela. I trust her recommendation so I looked on the map for the location, asked the hotel staff how to get there, hopped on the bus and went there. The place was amazing. The food the decor, everything was impeccable. I strongly recommend this place to anyone that visits Cancun. It is a must!

8. Gym – if you are into working out and staying fit, then hitting the gym is a must! Sacrifice an hour or two to get in some cardio, or sculpting done before hitting the pool. You’ll feel better after, and you’ll look better too.

9. Spa – Unwind and relax in your last days at Cancun, by booking a much needed massage or facial. Spa treatments in the islands are always the best.

10. Last but not least SOAK IT ALL IN – Enjoy the last day by soaking in the beauty, the blue skies, the clear blue Caribbean Sea, the palm trees, the resort, your significant other and your beautiful tan.

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3 thoughts on “10 Things To Do While Vacationing in Cancun

  1. David James

    While visiting Cancun there are a number of attractions which are worth some of your time. The popular Quintana Roo vicinity of Mexico has visitor attractions which you could know and others which aren't that familiar to non local locals of Cancun we have assembled a List of Ten to assist you:

    1. Avenida Kukulkan
    2. Playa Delfines
    3. Dolphinaris Cancun
    4. Forum Beach Cancun
    5. El Rey Ruins (Zona Arqueologica El Rey)
    6. Iglesia de Nuestra Senora del Carmen
    7. Museo Maya de Cancun
    8. Wet'n Wild Cancun
    9. Playa Tortugas
    10. Parque Urbano Kabah

    Enjoy Cancun!

  2. Cancun 4 You

    Cancun is near from many wonderful places. Once you are in Cancun, it worths to take advantage of your trip and to visit Isla Mujeres or/and Cozumel. Also you can visite one of the many "cenotes" of the area to swim in their blue transparent underground waters, or drive to Merida to see the still Mayan habited towns on the road, or the colonial "Haciendas", or the Chichen Itza ruins.

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