20 Minutes on the Treadmill is All You Need

Image Source: PromoteHealth.info

A few years ago I posted this post: 20 Minutes to a Great Bod, at that time I was really into fitness and keeping my body weight constant. I slacked off for about a year and then got back to it again this year and I couldn’t be any happier. I am not a runner/jogger, I find it boring, annoying and pointless to run on a treadmill straight for 30-60 minutes. However, after I found this great workout by FitnessMagazine.com I found a new love for the treadmill.

Since July 2010, I’ve been working out, I spent 4 weeks running and jogging on the treadmill and not ever complaining about it. The 20 minute Treadmill Walk/Run workout is mostly for beginners/intermediate runners that hate the treadmill as much as do, and need something less boring.

Looks like a lot, but once you do this you’ll feel amazing. I’ve recently started doing this workout twice, making my workout 40 minutes instead of 20 and the results are even more amazing. If you have a treadmill at home or access to a treadmill at the gym, I want you to give this workout a chance and let me know how did it go.

2 thoughts on “20 Minutes on the Treadmill is All You Need

  1. Malika

    This is great. I'm definitely going to implement this into my workout. Great post, as usual!