Rubik’s Slide & Bubble Talk – Great Family Games

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Rubik’s Slide

Ages 8 and up; MSRP: $19.99; Available at major & specialty retailers nationwide, including Wal-Mart, Target, Toys “R” Us, K-Mart, JCPenny beginning Fall 2010.

About a month ago I posted a post about one of the Blogher events I attended this Summer. At this event we received an amazing goody bag, filled with toys. Among these toys were two toys that made my nieces really excited after I gave it to them, Rubik’s Slide and Bubble Talk.

The Rubik’s slide is an electronic version of the very popular 70s/80s game Rubik’s cube. I spent hours and days playing with my Rubik’s cube as a child, I’d even take the stickers off out of frustration in trying to win and place them where I was having the most trouble with. I know, so wrong. Anyways, the Rubik’s Slide doesn’t allow you to cheat which is good, and it is loaded with different puzzles to keep you busy for days. There are 3 levels (easy, medium and hard). So everyone can enjoy it and be challenged by it.

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Bubble Talk

Ages 8 and up; MSRP: $19.99; Available beginning now at specialty retailers nationwide, including Learning Express and Barnes & Noble. Online at,, and

Bubble Talk was also tons of fun to play, the game is about guessing the caption for a picture using the caption words provided. The funniest caption wins. Parents and kids really enjoy this game. It is so entertaining! My nieces really enjoyed playing Bubble Talk and so did I!

Anyways, the fun people over at Techno Source USA are giving away one (1) Rubik’s Slide and one (1) Bubble Talk game to first two people to leave a comment on this post.
You have until Thursday, September 16, 2010 to enter.

Disclosure: I was given this game by Techno Source for free to review and I get to keep the game at the end of my review period

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  1. Brenda Simard

    You provide an excellent information about Christmas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. K.R.Davenport

    I loved rubix cube when I was growing up. I remember being able to solve it very easily hahah. Now it’s much harder for me I’ve been working on one at my job for a week!

    1. KMP Blog Post author

      Nice! I'll have TechnoSource send you a Rubik's slide! Thanks for entering! :-). Email me ur mailing address (

  3. KMP Blog Post author

    Congrats to winners @Davenport & @Maria your items will be mailed today. Please confirm receipt. Thanks!!

  4. Elizabeth richardson

    I remember those days am if I win it I will give it to jade and alexa

    1. KMP Blog Post author

      You got it. Bubble Talk is a great game for the entire family. I'll have TechnoSource send you the prize. Email me ur mailing address (