My Lia Schorr Experience

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“When I started I didn’t know I was fabulous, everyone else thought I was, but I didn’t think I was.” Lia Schorr.

Lia Schorr Spa
686 Lexington Ave,
New York, NY 10022
Phone: (212) 486-9670

Lia Schorr a 65 years old businesswoman who is not afraid to reveal her age, when you look like her, who would. Lia has been in the beauty industry for over 24 years, and teaching the art of beauty with her highly successful Lia Schorr Institute for 20+ years. Author of 3 books, Skincare for men, Seasonal Skincare and one for the skincare professional. Located in Midtown Manhattan, when asked if she ever thought about expanding to other cities, her response was no, but why would she?! New York is the perfect place to be.
Lia Schorr is also an expert in Men’s skincare, very few places know how to treat men, especially when it comes to their skin. “When I started I didn’t know I was fabulous, everyone else thought I was, but I didn’t think I was.” Lia Schorr. Her humility and modesty makes you feel welcome.
Lia explained that her main passion for starting the Lia Schorr Spa was to develop her individual self and helping others, not money. In order to help others she made sure that her institute gave people the opportunity to pursue their dreams, and she understood that money can be an issue when planning to attend school, therefore her institute provides financial aid for those who qualify. While other beauty schools do not provide financial aid, Lia understood that money does not grow on trees and everyone deserves a chance.

After our interview was done, Lia gave me a tour of the spa, the spa space is huge, walking alone in this place you can get lost. Walls are filled with notable mentions of Lia on numerous magazines and other publications, as well as a wall of fame of some Lia’s famous clientele. After the tour, I was brought to the mani/pedi station where I met Tami. I was asked to select a nail polish color, I was disappointed by the poor selection of nail polishes available, I did not see any new Fall 2010 or even Summer 2010 colors on display, at least not from Essie. After looking around for the perfect color, from the available selection, I went with a nice Red polish by Essie, can’t remember the name, but you can’t go wrong with red. Towards the end of my pedicure, I was informed by Lia that I would not be able to get a manicure today. I was disappointed because I’m traveling in a few days and I did not want an incomplete job; now I have to find another place to do the manicure.

Although my Lia Schorr experience was cut short due scheduling conflict, it did not take away from my initial reaction of the spa itself and my experience with Tami, who did an excellent pedicure.  I wish I had gotten the Mani and Pedi like I was initially offered, you just never feel quite complete if you don’t get both at the same time, but Lia was apologetic about the conflict and promised me a personal invitation to return for a complimentary manicure.
Thanks Lia, Tamy and Veronica!

Disclosure: I was given this spa service for free by PR company to review.

10 thoughts on “My Lia Schorr Experience

  1. mixedbunny

    How interesting! My experience was very similar in that I had purchased a special for hot stone massage, body scrub and pedicure. Once I arrived, my pedicure had to be rescheduled because no one could do it at that time. I was so aggravated because I was going out of town and now I had to get one elsewhere. I really enjoyed my massage + scrub though – so much that I bought another coupon lol

  2. Desiree

    I actually still have them because I only use them when I have extremely oily skin like today but they are good. Worth the $138.00. As for her place it was okay. It is a big but I feel she should have an interior decorator come in and update the decor. It looks like a mental institute with all the white walls. The Mani/Pedi room is small though. I think most of her clients have been with her for years and do not need the extra extra…but she needs an update.

  3. Desiree

    Hello. That is an interesting experience. I went to Lia Schorr two years ago for my 23rd birthday and it was not the best experience. I paid for the half-of-day of beauty and only got to enjoy one hour of it as none of the people providing services were there. I had to go back two weeks later after I came back from vacation. And when I came back she tried to stiff me. But her skin products are to die for.

    1. ArieRich

      @MASQUEmag because my service was cut short for a late arriving customer that apparently had priority over me.

    2. ArieRich

      @MASQUEmag the owner had 2 tell the lady doing my Pedi to tell me,but the lady said 2 her,u the owner u tell her.(they were speaking Hebrew)

      1. MASQUEmag

        @ArieRich people speak in different languages all the time at salons lol

        1. ArieRich

          @MASQUEmag yea it wasn't bout the speaking different language she knew I was doing a review of my experience at her spa.

        2. ArieRich

          @MASQUEmag relating a message 2 her assistant 2 tell me something was somewhat unprofessional & the assistant felt uncomfortable doing it.