Product -n- Press: Holiday Edition

The press and media got a first look at some really hot gift items that should be on your holiday list this year. Product N Press, hosted their Holiday 2010 event showcasing 20+ companies  ready to share with us some really wonderful gifts.

The ladies of the NFL were there promoting their women’s apparel: Fit For You. No more buying men or kids’ clothing to fit us ladies, we can now own our own jersey to represent our favorite team.

For the fitness gurus and those that like to keep track of your calorie intake, DailyBurn is a site and iPhone app you must check out. This app helps you keep track of your workouts, as well as your daily calorie intake. It is very interactive with charts and bars so I highly doubt you’ll  get bored like with most apps.

Wall Candy Arts was also in attendance, if you never heard of them and you have kids or are the creative type yourself then you’ll love their products. They have these cute decals for children’s room, from chalkboard stickers where you can freely write on the wall to beautiful letters to spell out names on the wall.

As I made myself around the room I came across a very colorful inviting table, Built NY. This table was full of colorful neoprene items, from laptop bags and sleeves, to iPhone cases and six pack of beers carrying case. They even sell a case to place your flash drive. I was lucky to get a free one.

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Table Topics was also in attendance, think of them as icebreakers, table topics are “a collection of conversation starters meant to spark fun, interesting, and meaningful discussions around the dinner table, at parties, on dates, on road trips-wherever!” (

Another great item featured during Product n Press event was SmartBox. I first learned about SmartBox at a fellow blogger event this Summer. SmartBox is described as an adventure in a box. One box, one really great adventure for 2. The cool thing about it, is that there’s tons to choose from, restaurants, spas, adrenaline rushing, etc… There’s something for everyone.

For those of us that are not into video-games and much rather spend time with the family playing good old fashioned board games, Discovery Bay Games was there to show us some new games in stores this year. Their most popular game this year is SNL the game, I guess we can all relate to Saturday Night Live.

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For the kid in us, Hoopla had some really creative fun-looking animal mittens. These mittens are designed for men and women. Not only do they look like hand puppets, they look very warm as well.

Speaking of warm items, SnugglePie was also in attendance, Snuggle pie is like a giant UGG sleeping bag for your baby. It looks and feel sooo comfortable, great for really cold winters.

Last but not least, there’s no holiday without greeting cards, or what about those holiday cards with the family photos?! Hello Lucky has the most amazing, unique, simple greeting cards which are printed on recycle paper. Who doesn’t love green stuff?! When I saw these cards I fell in love, and I’ll be ordering my cards from there this year. As a matter fact, I’ll be using the free pack I received at the event.

Anyways, these were some companies that I got around to meet and interact with at the Product -n- Press event on Tuesday. Please pay them a visit and let the holiday shopping begin!

One thought on “Product -n- Press: Holiday Edition

  1. Brandi

    I adore smart boxes, I’ve been wanting one as a gift since last holiday season :/.. Welp there’s always this year :-).. I really should’ve went to product & press, there’s always next time