Snail Mail with Style #10WeeksB4Xmas

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Tired of getting the same box of greeting/holiday cards every year, to send to family and friends?! I know I am. They are boring and nothing memorable. Ugh!
Well, Hello! Lucky has the most amazing, printed on recycle paper, greeting cards to make you jump for joy this holiday season.

Fabulous, Eco-Friendly Designs! Our crackerjack design team creates every card to make sure it’s perfect and to your specifications. Your cards are then printed on premium, FSC-certified 100% recycled cardstock so they look great, and you can feel great, too. A winning combination! (Hello Lucky)

ONE lucky KMP Blog reader will have the chance to win a box of 50 beautiful, digital-printed greeting cards of their choice from Hello! Lucky.
(A $120 value)

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You all know what to do… This is Week 9 – #10WeeksB4Xmas Giveaway!!

How long is your Holiday Card List?!
Do you send holiday cards to family and friends every year?
Leave a comment…
ONE winner will be selected at random on Monday, November 1, 2010
ONE winner, FIFTY beautiful cards!

The winner is Comment number 10.
You’ll be contacted via email.

Thank you all for entering the giveaway, stay tuned for this week’s giveaway!

13 thoughts on “Snail Mail with Style #10WeeksB4Xmas

  1. Jessica

    I send out cards every year. I usually go the homemade route if I have time.

  2. Wendy

    Hey arie, even though I do my christmas cards personalize with the kids pics; I woul not mind getting these ones!!..

  3. EricaSanChirps

    ***Swwwwooon*** for Hello Lucky!! Thank you Twitter for telling me about this amazing giveaway! Honestly, I am pretty inconsistent. I will send them one year, and then not the next, but when I don't? I always regret it. And when I do? Friends and family are always excited to get them!

  4. Surj Gish

    Hello Lucky cards are the greatest! I need these – as I get older, I find myself sending more and more cards. I'm pretty old now, so that's a lot of cards!

  5. Angelica

    I love these cards! They are so super cute. They would be the perfect way to kick off this holiday season!

  6. Rachel B.

    My card list will probably be a bit longer this year so I can include pics of our first child. I try to send them every year.

  7. Living Fly on a Dime

    I typically don't send holiday cards, but I would love to start to. I think they really show that you took the time out to write a sincere note to those you care about.

  8. Nekono

    I used these cards last year for Christmas, and got more compliments than ever. LOVE these!!

  9. Courtney Maki

    I have sent cards before, but I am not good at sending them every year! I'd love to make this year the one that I start making this an annual tradition! Hopefully with these adorable cards!! My list is way too long, so I'll start gathering names and addresses now!

  10. Pam Livingston

    My Christmas list is short, I only have one friend….I kid…I kid….I have two. Friends get boxed cards, family receive homemade cards, enemies receive photos of me!