There’s Nothing Like Family Time! #10WeeksB4Xmas

Earlier this week I came up with the idea of being more giving this holiday season, and what better way than by doing a giveaway every Friday for 10 weeks. I am calling it #10WeeksB4Xmas!
I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, so for everyone that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, think of it as #10WeeksB4Holidays.
The whole point of the giveaway is not about Christmas or any other holiday in particular, it’s about the holiday season as a whole, tis the season to be more giving, and be nice to others.
With that said, every Friday, I will feature one sponsored product, write a review about it and you will have a chance to win the product.

Some Fridays will have more winners than others.

Winners will be selected randomly from the comments left on the post. So make sure to check often and comment so you can win.

With that said… I now introduce you Week 10 Giveaway

This week 5 readers will win one of the following fun and exciting family board games.

Saturday Night Live – The Board Game

SNL is a fun party game featuring some of the best moments from the show. The game is full of activities that will have everyone acting, guessing and best of all laughing out loud. Four SNL eras are included in the game (70s, 80s, 90s & 00s) keeping everyone entertained and involved.
Age: 12+
4 or more players
Retail price: $19.99
Get it from Amazon:
Saturday Night Live – The Board Game

Hink Pink

Hink Pink is another popular board game, where rhyming is all it takes. This game is amazing, not only does it sound like tons of fun to play, but it also helps you boost your vocabulary, while spending time with the family. It’s great for Kids and Adults.
“What’s a Hink Pink you ask? A Hink Pink is a riddle answered with a pair of rhyming words. Can you guess the Hink Pink for “an obese feline”? (Answer: fat cat)” (Amazon)

Age: 8+
2 or more players
Retail Price: $19.63
Get it from Amazon:
Hink Pink


Guesstimation is a game about guessing. I like this game because it’s about trying to find the closest number to answer the trivia question. Guessing games are always fun… “Closest Guess Wins. Unlike traditional trivia games, there is no pressure to know the exact answer and everyone plays on every question. As long as you’re the player with the closest guess… you win the round.” (Amazon)
Want this game on the go?! There’s an iPhone app coming soon… Fall 2010

Age: 8+
2 or more players
Retail: $22.85
Get it from Amazon:

Famous Last Lines

Movie lovers will love this game, especially if you are the type to memorize the movie script. We all know a few movie lines that we use often. Such as “say hello to my little friend” – Scarface or “hasta la vista, baby” – Terminator. Famous Last Lines is a game about that, famous movie last lines.  “In Famous Last Lines players read the movie title and synopsis and are then asked to create the most believable last line of the movie. The object of the game is to bluff other players into believing that your last line is the correct one.” (Amazon)

Age: 12+
3 or more players
Retail: $28.75
Get it from Amazon:
Famous Last Lines


Call-It is about thinking fast! I love this game, reminds me of Memory. This game is a fun family game, for grown ups and kids, everyone will enjoy this. The best part is that it’s perfectly sized to travel with, so you can play just about everywhere.  “Flip a card, match a symbol with your opponent and be the first to call out a word from their category to win their card. Can you be the first to name a cartoon character? How about a body part? Build your stash with every match and you’ll be the Call-it. master.” (Amazon)
This game is so in demand, Amazon currently has only 4 left!

Age: 8+
2 or more players
Retail: $14.99
Get it from Amazon:
Call It

So there you have it, 5 family games for you to have this holiday season. 5 Winners 5 Games. Leave a comment stating which game you would like to win. 5 Winners will be selected at random on Monday, October, 25, 2010. Good Luck! #10WeeksB4Xmas

Week 10 WINNERS are comments:
7, 5, 1, 3, & 9
You’ll receive an email from me (, requesting an address to send your prize.

Disclosure: The board games listed above were provided for free by PR company to review.

*For more information on these games and many more please visit: Discovery Bay Games

11 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Like Family Time! #10WeeksB4Xmas

  1. KMP Blog Post author

    Winners have been selected. Congrats to: Pam, Rachel, Brandi, Africa Hannibal & Deloris. Please check your emails and reply no later than Friday. If no response is received your game will be awarded to another reader.

    Thanks for entering the contest everyone, and stay tuned for this Friday’s giveaway!

    Happy Monday!

  2. Pam Livingston

    Thank you so much for your fun contest and sharing for the holidays!!!! My family will enjoy it, cant wait for contest #2…let the gaming begin!!!

  3. D Blades

    If hink pink is as cool as I think, I should master that game within an eye’s blink. My favorite category from scategories was ummmm….damn, if we hadn’t turned it into a drinking game..maybe I could remember a few names and I’d have some stories…so this is just a taste of what I can do with hink pink, without using a pen’s ink, connecting words, nouns and adverbs with a mischievous grin and slight ;-)

  4. Pam Livingston

    I would love to play call it, I love memory games, sounds like fun

  5. Rachel Benson

    Famous Last Lines sounds sweet! I come from a family of movie lovers.

  6. Jessica

    My family are all huge movie buffs, I'd have to go for the Famous last lines myself.