5 Ways to Motivate a Great Workout

Warrior pose

Shirley Simpson writes for fattyweightloss.com where you can find information on dieting and exercise along with printable cheesecake factory coupons and coupons for other great restaurants.

At this time of year, there’s probably nothing you want to do less than work out.  As the cold weather sets in and the stress of the holiday season takes over, you are probably more motivated to climb under the covers and fall into a food coma for the next couple of months like a hibernating bear than to throw on your gym clothes and hit the treadmill.  But this is exactly the season when you should try to stick to an exercise routine.  Believe it or not, working out actually gives you more energy to undertake the many tasks that must be completed before the holidays (which you will no doubt discover if you ever get off the couch).  But since your problem is one of motivation rather than implementation, here are a few tools to help you get your act in gear and move you into the coming year.

1.     Set an alarm. Sometimes the hardest part of motivation is getting started.  Have you seen those alarm clocks that have wheels and when the alarm sounds they roll away so you have to chase them?  This is excellent motivation to get out of bed on time.  And once you’re up, if you have your gym clothes already laid out and ready to go it’s a lot easier to get moving and stich to your routine.

2.     Employ a friend. You probably know at least one person who is obnoxiously keen on exercise.  You don’t know how they do it, but you could stand to sip a little of the Kool-Aid they’re drinking.  So ask for their help!  They would probably love a partner to egg them on (and vice versa), so set dates to meet up for exercise and don’t worry about forgetting or blowing them off; your friend won’t let you.

3.     Keep a log. If your objective with exercise is to hit a target weight or fit into those skinny jeans you’ve been eyeing at the department store, then the best way to stay on track is to keep a log of your progress.  Start by taking your measurements and charting your weight.  Then plan out your exercise for the week and check it off as you go.  You may also want to jot down what you’re eating since diet and exercise go hand in hand if you want your efforts to achieve maximum results.  Finally, do a weigh-in and take measurements no more than once a week.  If you do it daily, you’re not going to get accurate results and you’ll likely drive yourself crazy.

4.     Take a class. A teacher and peers provide pretty good motivation.  Plus, the right class can push your limits in a way that you never would on your own as well as making your workout seem more like fun than actual work.

5.     Set a goal. Sign up for a 5K race in three months or a triathlon in six.  Then start yourself on a training program to reach your goal in the set amount of time.  You can build up to it in increments and come race day, you’ll be ready to put your best foot forward.