Are You A Social Shopper?!

I am!

What is your definition of Social Shopping?!

My definition is using social networks while shopping and sharing great finds and asking for recommendations from your friends online. I’m a huge SocialShopaholic in a sense, I share everything with my social networks, from food, manicures, pedicures, to clothes and shoes I get, to books and other electronics, I seek for assistance from my trusted sources such as Facebook, Twitter and of course my blog or other people’s blogs.

I know it sounds funny, how can someone put their trust on the internet, especially on strangers they have never met. Hmm… I don’t see my Twitter followers or FB friends as strangers, they are just people I haven’t met yet. Some I have, but some I haven’t, but the fact that we interact via the internet is pretty cool. What’s even cooler is when you get to interact with companies such as McDonald’s, Au Bon Pain, Daffys, Gap, etc… and they reply to your tweets and it goes from having to call customer support to being able to tweet your issue, compliment, concern and having someone reply and then realizing: Wow, they are actually real people, not some automated robots. That’s real customer support.

Anyways, FlightPath a creative digital agency located here in NYC did a project called Shop Social 2010, and I amongst other bloggers got the chance to be interviewed on using Social Media sites while shopping.

Check out the videos below, I thought I was alone but I’m glad there are others like me out there… LOL. Enjoy!

ShopSocial 2010 (Video)

Arie Rich of KMP Blog (Shop Social 2010 video)

Last but not least, Shop Social 2010 has a contest for you all…

The Contest
Love social shopping, too? Chances are you’re not shy, then, so how about sharing that love with us? Share your own tell-all social shopping video describing how you navigate the social web to find, share, shout out, and support—all in the name of shopping. The contest runs from December 1 – 31, 2010, and you can share your YouTube link at our microsite, We’ll add your videos to the ShopSocial 2010 playlist, and four lucky shoppers, whose videos receive the most views by midnight December 31, 2010 will win a gift card. (ShopSocial 2010)