Family Night is LOL Funny #10WeeksB4Xmas

This holiday season get ready to spend time with the family and LOL, because Comedy Movies by SceneIt? is a must-have game!

For those you that have never played SceneIt? you don’t know what you are missing, this game is addictive and tons of fun.

Scene It? Comedy Movies Deluxe Edition is the only game that features clips, trivia and on-screen puzzles from Hollywood’s funniest comedy movie moments! From classics like Airplane! to recent hits like The Hangover, Scene It? Comedy Movies features everyone’s all-time comedic favorites. Exciting new mini-games and bonus activities add even more fun to this side-splitting experience! Get ready to laugh until you cry when you play this hysterical, one-of a-kind DVD game! (SceneIt?)

The thing about this game is that is addictively fun, you’ll want to play it with all your guests and family. It is challenging, I thought I knew movies until I played this game, it makes you think about the smallest detail that you missed while watching a movie. I love this game for those reasons.

Anyways, this is your Week#7 #10WeeksB4Xmas giveaway!!
One (1) lucky person will get the chance to enjoy the game this holiday season.
Leave a comment stating what’s your favorite comedy movie.
One winner will be selected at random on Monday, November 15, 2010.

Winner is Comment# 3

10 thoughts on “Family Night is LOL Funny #10WeeksB4Xmas

  1. Rachel B.

    My favorite comedies are old John Cusack movies like One Crazy Summer, Better Off Dead, etc… Also, love any comedy with Paul Rudd like I Love You, Man and Knocked Up.

  2. Pam L.

    I don't know if this was a comedy, but I laughed all through Kick Ass, that movie was sweet.

  3. Africa Hannibal

    Aww man Scene It! is one of my favorite games, Comedy Movies I Love I would so master this game.

  4. Brandi

    Hangover hands down, I can watch it over & over & notice a new joke everytime.

  5. wynsters the tigress

    I don't watch too many movies in general, but the most recent comedy that had me rolling was the hangover. I could not stop laughing for nearly the entire movie!