For Your Sexy Beast! #10WeeksB4Xmas

Every Dog Has Its Day With Sexy Beast!

This week’s our #10WeeksB4Xmas holiday giveaway goes out to the dogs in our lives; this giveaway is strictly for the dog owners, I’m sorry all other pet owners, maybe next time.
Sexy Beast is your one stop place to find great things to keep your canine sexy, healthy looking and smelling good! Two lucky winners will each take one wonderful Sexy Beast product from the Sexy Beast Core Collection, that your dog will LOVE!

Sexy Beast Gloss Spray

The Sexy Beast’s Gloss Spray ($28.00, 5.1 oz.) – A lightweight finishing mist that hydrates the coat, restores luster and adds shine. Made with pure safflower, chamomile flower, lavender and rosemary oils, this grooming
treat softens the hair so your dog’s coat looks polished and lustrous.

Sexy Beast Fresh Spray

The Sexy Beast Fresh Spray ($26.00, 5.1 oz.) – A botanical water infusion formulated to gently cleanse, deodorize
and refresh a dog’s coat. Natural chamomile oil neutralizes odors while extracts of lavender and rosemary cleanse, soothe and condition skin. Adds a shine and leaves hair healthy, hydrated and subtly fragranced.

Both these products sound really amazing. There’s nothing sexier than a good smelling dog.

Please leave comment stating which Sexy Beast product appeals to you the most.
2 Winners will be selected, of course at random, on Monday, November 8, 2010.

Congrats to the winners #5 and #1!
You will be contacted via email.
Thanks for participating!

7 thoughts on “For Your Sexy Beast! #10WeeksB4Xmas

  1. Raeven Western

    Yes! This Blog is really on the skin care products, love it. Mist my face right here :)

  2. Rachel B.

    I own 2 sexy beasts: an American Eskimo mix and a German Shepherd mix. We do bathe them at home to save on costs. Id say the fresh spray appeals to me most because Id rather my dogs smell nice than look shiny. And let me tell you, neither smell nice.

  3. Pam L.

    I would LOVE to have the "LIMITED EDITION
    FRAGRANCE BOTTLE" that cost $850.00 because for that price; I AM WEARING IT!!!!


  4. mixedbunny

    I would love to try the Fresh spray on Peter Pan, my Pomeranian. He is long haired and although he goes to the groomers, I also bathe him at home. He always like smell good for the ladies ;)

  5. Inger C

    I love the Sexy Beast Fresh Spray. I love the way my dog smells and they are both more snuggle and kissable. My dogs also love to get a frsh scent because they are ready meet and great people.