MegaMind, MegaCute, MegaFun!

MegaMind – Will Ferrell

MegaMind, incredibly handsome, criminal genius, and master of all villainy!

What do you get when you combine good, evil, a damsel in distress and some really entertaining actors?! A really fun to watch animated movie!
From start to finish I thought Megamind was entertaining, with a good story and a good ending. The actors in the movie made the movie even more exciting to watch; besides who doesn’t love Will Ferrell, even as a blue big-headed character he was able to deliver and fit the character well.
One thing I’m over, is the 3D animation, the movie would work well without the 3D.

So, should you Pay for it, Skip it or Netflix it?!
Hmm… You can Netflix this one.

Click here for final trailer