Thanksgiving: How to Avoid Packing on the Pounds

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As Thanksgiving once again draws near, so do the decadent desserts and succulent dishes that accompany the holiday. From the delicious turkey to the massive mounds of mashed potatoes, the Thanksgiving feast is a time-honored tradition for households across the country. While there is no arguing that this tasty buffet of goodies is anything but heavenly, unfortunately most of those yummy treats are packed with added fats and sugars that will expand your waistline and leave your jeans feeling tight this holiday season. In fact, some research has shown the average Thanksgiving meal to be packed with more than 3,000 calories.

Thankfully, all hope is not lost. While many of the dishes that will grace your Thanksgiving table are anything but healthy, gaining weight is not a necessarily evil. By making the right choices at the dinner table, you can enjoy a delicious meal and avoid consuming unnecessary calories that will stick to your thighs for weeks to come.

Many individuals host Thanksgiving for their friends and family. If you find yourself in a similar position, you’re in control! Adjusting recipes that call for heavy fats and creams with healthier substitutions can be a great way to cut some of the excess calories that so many dishes contain. Even if you’re visiting someone else’s house for Thanksgiving, consider bringing along a healthy side-dish that will allow you to have a more appropriate option on your plate.

Another key to limiting your consumption at the Thanksgiving table is to eat before the big meal. As Thanksgiving dinner is traditionally held in the mid-afternoon, many people abstain from eating anything until the turkey is on the table and ready to be served! Unfortunately, in waiting all day to eat, your hunger will only grow exponentially. Enjoying a healthy and filling breakfast is a great way to combat the hunger you’ll likely feel if you refrain from eating until its time for the big meal.

Other keys to eating in an appropriate manner include portion control and pacing yourself. While those mashed potatoes might look enticing, consider whether you truly need to a mound the size of Mount Everest on your plate. Indulging your taste buds with some of the delicious foods on your table doesn’t mean you need massive servings of each item. You might also want to pick and choose which foods you like the most, and skip those that you’re less fond of.

As the brain takes time to realize your stomach is full, pace yourself while you eat. Thanksgiving is often a great moment to spend chatting with your loved ones and you shouldn’t feel rushed to eat. By savoring each savory bite, you’ll know when you’re full.

Thanksgiving is a celebratory feast for many Americans, but overindulgence is sure to leave you in mourning! By limiting the amount of food you eat, you’ll say goodbye to bloating and weight gain, and stay looking trim and fit for the holiday season! Talk about something you can be grateful for!

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