5 Tips on How NOT to be a Tourist in a Big City

(image source: NYmag.com)

Working in the city (NYC) I tend to come across many tourists, and as much as the city loves tourists, the locals don’t appreciate them as much especially during rush hours. Below are 5 tips to help tourists be less touristic in a big city like NYC:

1) Don’t look around lost. Not a good look in a big city. Plan ahead.

2) Don’t take random pics of random buildings, AND don’t stop in the middle of the sidewalk, street during rush hour to take pictures of buildings. BONUS: If for whatever reason you have to stop because you need that picture by some “amazing” landmark, then snap it quickly and move on.

3) Maps and guides are cool, but phone apps are better. I understand this might not apply to everyone, so I won’t press this one so much. Just giving you options.

4) Walk like you know where you’re going even if you don’t; always look confident. Fear, lost, confusion, will attract people that want to take advantage of you.

5) Don’t get on the train asking if this will take you to destination Z, when people are trying to explain to you that the answer to that is yes and no. Most trains in Manhattan make similar stops, the only difference is the avenues. So if you don’t feel like switching trains be prepare to walk.

Word of advice: a) know where you are going, street names and address, and b) know that not all trains will leave you right on your destination, so always be prepared to walk a few blocks, or transfer to another train.

Do you any tips for tourists?! or are you a tourist that disagrees with my tips?! or do you find them helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments section…

4 thoughts on “5 Tips on How NOT to be a Tourist in a Big City

  1. @f_uitlist

    I am a native NYer and every day of every week I think about pushing a tourist into the street in front of a moving bus. *woo sahhh* It's not that I don't like tourist (despite the venom above), I just don't like how incredibly inconsiderate they tend to be. I expect the picture taking, I even expect the ooh look at the tall buildings but you are Visitor you should try to at least be considerate. So stopping to take a pic of a do not walk sign on 34th street… RUDE! Or walking incredible slow when the rest of the world is passing you by… Annoying. If only NY would install those tourist lanes, all would be right with the world :)

  2. Mike Anderson

    Hey Arie – I love this. I grew up at the Jersey Shore, so trips to NYC were common. When I was a kid, my dad used to tell us not to look up and say "wow, those sky scrapers are so tall", and he suggested, like you did, that we walk quickly, with a purpose, and look confident to keep those unsavory loons aways from us!!

    Well done!

    1. kmp22 Post author

      Thanks!! :-) I\’m sure there\’s more to add. But this is what came to mind.