MidWeek Recap – 12/1/10

I almost forgot today was Wednesday! This week seems to be flying by, even though I feel it should be Friday already… 2 more days Arie… Anyways, what have you missed this week on the blogger world.

  • Monday started on a great note for 125 FEARLESS women bloggers in the blogosphere according to Kikolani who wrote a really amazing list of 125 female bloggers all over the world that she follows and noticed their fearless moves. (P.S.: I am proud to say that I am honored to be on this list).
  • Brandi of The Chic Factory wants us to Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer!! Go see what she’s talking about.
  • Did you know that McDonald’s is bringing Oatmeal to their breakfast menu?! Go check out what Kitty Bradshaw has to say about this.
  • La: Dolce: Vita: blog is making it’s way back into the blogging mode, and is letting us know more about Valentino For The Gap.
  • and last but not least, my favorite UK blogger, Karen of Blazing Minds, shared with us some Movies to Look Forward to in 2011!

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