No More Over Snacking…

Yum Yum Dish - 4oz ceramic bowl

Do you ever sit at home and just snack on whatever you find in the fridge. Instead of pouring a bowl of potato chips, you grab the whole back and sit down and watch tv? An hour or two goes by, the show you were watching ended, then all of a sudden you realize you finished the whole bag of potato chips by yourself. This is the definition of bad snacking or snacking gone wrong.  The worst is when you’ve gained weight from all the over snacking you’ve been doing in front of the TV. If you want to snack and lose weight you have to use portion control.
Yum Yum Dishes is the perfect portion control bowl! A ceramic 4oz bowl that’s fun and easy to understand. Portion control means, controlling the amount of what you are snacking on. Yum Yum Dishes have a cute little “over” at the bottom of the bowl letting you know that “Yum Yum Time is…Over.” When you reach over it means that your snacking time is not refillable, so don’t refill your Yum Yum Dish right away.
I use my Yum Yum Dish at work, I like to have a snack before lunch and before dinner. I fill my dish with nuts, fruits, or whatever fits in the bowl. Savor and enjoy every bit and smile when I reach “Over”. I don’t feel guilty for snacking, and I feel in control.

Yum Yum Time is Over

Yum Yum Dish makes a great gift for anyone, adults, children, teens, college students, anyone and everyone, it helps us all keep our bodies in shape while eating in moderation.
They come in a set of 4 (retail value $22.00).
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6 thoughts on “No More Over Snacking…

  1. Heather

    Awesome idea, and they are so cute! I think the key to not refilling the dish is to put stuff in it that is satisfying. A little protein, a little carb, you know. Like a mini-meal. One great snack I had yesterday was a babybel light mini cheese cut into 4 pieces, with 3 marinated artichoke hearts and 3 chopped almonds. Yum for the Yum Yum Dish!

  2. @VivaLaBrandi

    that bowl is a great idea, I love it.. wait, why didn't I think of it lol