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Jetblue QR code florida campaign

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A few weeks ago I posted an article on ways to better market your brand. Many of you found the post useful, and many asked what’s the deal with QR codes how can this useful. Well this post is about that, QR codes. I’ll try to answer as many questions as possible, give examples, and if you have additional questions leave me a comment and I’ll reply. Sounds good?! Ok… So…

1) What are QR codes?
QR codes is short for Quick Response codes. They are 2-D barcodes which allows a consumer to take a picture/scan the code using their mobile phone, in return the code is quickly interpreted and opens a website to which the code is linked to. The beauty of QR codes is that it turns a flat 2-D image on a billboard, ad, t-shirt, business card into a fast way for a consumer to access the advertisers’ webpage without having to do much work.

2) Why do we need them?
We don’t really need QR codes they are just helpful with fitting into the digital world. Times are changing and we need to roll with the times. Think about it, most people spend their time with their cell phones therefore mobile marketing is great channel to take advantage off. Think of QR codes as an additional way to market yourself, brand, promotion, website, etc… Alternatives are always good.

3) Who’s using QR codes?!
Apparently everywhere you look advertisements on billboards as well as print magazines are starting to use the codes. Some might look different than others so I’ll share some examples. Also keep in mind that in order to read certain codes you’ll need a special app on your phone. I’ll share those after this…

diamond rings on magazine with QR code

image source: Marie Claire magazine

watch qr code magazine ad

image source: Marie Claire magazine

The 53rd Grammys

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4) Where can I get a QR code reader?
On my iPhone I use i-nigma. This app helps you read the following QR codes…

KMPblog QR code

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In order to read the colorful QR codes like the one below, if i-nigma don’t work, try TagReader.

KMPBlog vCard qr code

KMP Blog's vCard

5) Where can I make my own QR code?
QR Code generators are everywhere. Just Google that: QR Code Generator and choose one that works for you. For the color Microsoft Tag QR code I used Microsoft Tag (very user friendly).

That’s all the info I have for you, for now, if you have any questions, leave me a comment and I’ll do the research so you don’t have to.

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  2. Arjun Sugavanam

    I am trying to generate a QR code that will automatically prompt the user, Smartphone users, to send an email, I want to specify the recipients, subject and the message on the QR code so that on scanning, it opens up the e-mail with the specified info and all the user has to do is to press the send button. Is there any site where i can generate a code compatible with all phones, i mean Droids, I-Phones and Blackberry.

  3. SocialQRCode

    Great post! 2011 is going to be the year of the QR Code! Next time you create a QR Code use It is designed for businesses to promote their social networks with QR Codes. You can also create coupons that are sharable on Twitter and Facebook.

  4. Jeroen Steeman

    Great article Arie. Thanks for spreading the word. QR codes in black and white can be quit boring, but these can also use colour and have the ability to embed logo's or images making them great little tools for branding and social media. Have a look at these online generators at and that make use of colour and image embedding.