The Social Network, Piranha 3D, Alpha & Omega on DVD Tuesday 1/11/11

What’s on DVD Tuesday 1/11/11?

The Social Network

The Social Network

I love, love, love this movie. The Social Network message was beyond Facebook, it’s about being successful and humble, and dealing with everyone that will try to shut you down. This movie is truly amazing from beginning to the very end.  Simply brilliant! Please rent it, buy it, watch it and let me know what you think.

Piranha 3D

I did not see this movie yet, but I will rent it. Here’s a little scoop on what the movie is about…

Debating the merits of Piranha 3D, director Alexandre (Mirrors) Aja’s testosterone-driven valentine to Joe Dante’s 1978 original and the excesses of ’80s genre films in general, is a fool’s errand; it is, after all, a movie about prehistoric fish preying on hormonal partygoers in various states of undress–and in 3D (Amazon)

Alpha & Omega

Another animated movie that didn’t get much buzz in the theaters. I’ll probably rent this it looks interesting…

Come along on the ultimate road-trip adventure that will leave the whole family howling with laughter! When Kate, a take-charge “Alpha” wolf, and Humphrey, a laid-back “Omega” wolf, get snatched by park rangers and relocated halfway across the country, the two must set off on an incredible journey home! (Amazon)

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