Bat Away this Valentine’s Day

JJ Eyelash extensions C curl

JJ Eyelashes | C-Curl | Length (10-12)

This Valentine’s day why not treat yourself to something special. Valentine’s day is not always about pampering your special someone, it is also about pampering yourself. In honor of Valentine’s day I wanted to treat myself and I’m glad I did. I treated my eyes to some eyelash extensions for a more sexier look. Eyelash extensions are a bit different from the fake eyelashes you buy at the drugstore. The extensions are carefully placed strand by strand by a professional, and the final result is a more natural, fuller eyelash look. This is my first time getting extensions but I’ve gotten fake lashes put on before so I figured the feel of having them on would be something similar. Not really. Eyelash extensions are much more comfortable to wear no matter the length. So Bat Away!
My lashes were done at JJ Eyelashes and my technician name was Cindy. Here are my pros and cons of getting eyelash extensions at JJ Eyelashes


  • From the minute you walk in they make you feel special. You are greeted by smiles and courtesy. The ladies at this spa are very friendly.
  • The place is very clean and comfy.
  • You are given slippers so that during your procedure you are treated to a complimentary foot and hand massage.
  • Each technician gives you a consultation prior to getting the eyelash extensions. This consultation is to find out what look you would like to go for and which length and curl. I went with a cat eye look, this is when the lashes goes from short to long, and my curl is the C curl. During the consultation you ask as many questions as you have.
  • Comfy massage beds with pillows
  • Being able to take a nap during the procedure.
  • Painless procedure, you don’t feel a thing while the technician is applying each lash.
  • Lashes can last up to a month, depending on how you take care of them.
  • Complimentary feet and hand massages during your procedure.
  • and last but not least, the finishing results, younger looking you, fabulous eyes, and being able to wake up in the morning and not have to apply much make up or any makeup and still look beautiful.

JJ Eyelashes cat eyes


  • It’s a long procedure. About an hour or 2 depending on the lash set you get.
  • Costly. The first set is the priciest, but once you get that set you can refill it, which costs less.
  • This is a con for me. Looking like I have mascara or makeup everyday. For a person that doesn’t like to bring too much attention to herself, this might be a con, because you will get a lot of compliments on your eyes.
  • Maintenance of the lashes for some can be much, especially if you are used to rubbing your eyes a lot, which you shouldn’t do in the first place.

So there you have it! Bat your eyelashes away this Valentine’s Day.

JJ Eyelashes c curl side view

For more information about the procedure and the spa, visit:
JJ Eyelashes | 56 West 56th Street, 2nd Fl. | New York, NY | 212-244-2921


Complimentary service provided by PR company for review. Please note this did not affect my feelings about the service.

3 thoughts on “Bat Away this Valentine’s Day

    1. kmp22 Post author

      The pictures do lil justice to how great they really look in person. I\’m getting stared at and complimented about my \”makeup\” which i don\’t have on, everyday since I\’ve gotten them. My boss comes up to me and says \”you\’re eyes look great, is that mascara?!\” I\’m like no, they are eyelash extensions, she\’s like \”omg I never heard of that, they look so natural, very nice!\” Lol I\’m like thank u! They really are showstoppers at times. :-) glad they last up to a month.