Kalimat – A fun new word game


We all love word games! If you like Scrabble and Words with Friends, you are going to love Kalimat, a new word game with a twist. I’ve been playing Kalimat and I love it. After playing this game, I’m sort of like the dude on this hilarious clip

Here are 10 reasons why you’ll love Kalimat

1.    Remix mode offers up more points for speedy play and for finding Ali Baba’s secret square
2.    Tiles can be swapped once per turn without missing a turn
3.    An internet connection is not required to validate words
4.    Kalimat is available in “pass & play” mode when no data connection is available
5.    Player names can be set in the “pass & play” mode

kalimat ali baba treasure

image source: kalim.at

6.    Kalimat keeps a list of each turn in the game
7.    Users can look up the definition of words they don’t know
8.    Kalimat allows users the option to play unlimited games, simultaneously

kalimat unlimited

image source: kalim.at

9.    Leaderboards can be created globally, regionally, or among friends
10.  Success in Kalimat allows users to unlock new achievements

So go check it out on iTunes (Kalimat).