SXSW 2011 – There’s Nothing Like Austin Food!

mapquest bbq quest sxsw 2011

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If you’re a foodie like me, you probably watch the Travel Channel’s Man vs Food show. I love this show, and I kinda feel bad for saying this. If you’ve never watched the show I suggest you watch it at least once. The show is about the host (Adam Richman) visiting cities throughout the 50 states, trying out food at some popular and not so popular places and finishing up with a food challenge that even a foodie like me wouldn’t consider doing.

Anyways, I watch this show for two main reasons, 1) try out new recipes based on the amazing food he eats at these places, and 2) visit these places whenever I’m in their town.

Adam has been in Austin before, therefore I made sure I went to two of the places he visited because the food looked amazing on TV, I just HAD to try it out for myself.

juan in a million sign

The first place I visited was Juan in a Million. This homely, family run business was only 5-7 minutes away from the Austin Convention Center. You can easily catch a public bus or a cab from there.

Juan in a million Bench
I knew what I wanted from the moment I stepped foot in that door. I wanted El Don Juan Taco Grande. This plate is big enough to feed two people and then some. I share this plate with my SXSW roommate, Krista Flock of Reccos Media, and we were super glad we came here and shocked with how much food you get, but full before we could finish it.
El Don Juan
El Don Juan  includes scramble eggs, homefries, bacon and cheese all mixed together served with 5 soft tacos. Additional topping can be added for extra bucks. The plate is a measly $3.80! Yes you get all that for $3.80. On top of that you are greeted with chips and salsa while you wait for your order. Fantastic food, most wonderful place.

Don Juan & Us

Arie, Don Juan and Krista

Another thing that made our experience even more exciting was witnessing Don Juan’s famous handshake, I was even greeted with one myself and he was kind enough to take a picture with us. I will definitively come back. I love this place!!

Charter bus to Salt Lick BBQ

Another wonderful place that we visited while out there and that was kindly sponsored by Mapquest, was Salt Lick BBQ. Mapquest’s 2nd annual BBQ Quest was phenomenal, this was my first time attending but I somewhat knew what to expect at Salt Lick based on Man vs Food’s recommendations.
backyard at Salt Lick BBQ
The BBQ Quest wasn’t at the actual restaurant but instead at an outside location right behind the restaurant, that would comfortably sit 250 people and provide live entertainment and a gorgeous view, without disrupting Salt Lick’s loyal customers.

salt lick bbq platter
The food was catered from Salt Lick and this is how it went down the buffet line: Cole Slaw, Potatoes, Beans, Ribs, Brisket, Sausages, Chicken, Gravy/Special Sauce, Bread & un-sweetened Iced Tea. Tons of food, and I must say it was very tasty. I really enjoyed the brisket and its charred corners. This is definitively not something I would eat everyday, due to its fat content but if I could I would. A lot of people raved about the chicken, I thought I had too much food already on my plate by the time I got to the chicken I opted not to get one. Maybe I should have. Our meals didn’t end at loads of meat, starch and Cole slaw. We had one more important dish to try to end our fabulous food fest, dessert!! Peach cobbler and/or Blackberry Cobbler with vanilla ice cream awaited us. Both dangerously delicious.
salt lick bbq customers
If anything in Austin stood out besides the tons of bars and non-existent clothing stores on 6th Street and the tons of locals and party goers that come out at night to hang out & party on 6th street, was definitively their Texas Size food! Austin, is the place to be, if you’re a foodie like me!

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