Disney’s Baby Eistein NYC Event

baby einstein event in nyc

Last week a group of mommy bloggers attended the Baby Einstein event. Baby Einstein is a really cool, fun, interactive DVD program where the child is entertained while learning and also bonding with the parent.
At the event we learned about the Baby Einstein Discovery Kits and  their 3 Levels. Level 1 Experience, Level 2 Explorer and Level 3 Expression.

Each level was beautifully set up to represent the images and colors used in the DVD. The toys on the Discovery kit DVD were also available in real life, making the interaction more real.

Baby Einstein Level 1

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/WireImage for Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment)

Level 1 Experience is suited for infants, where the child is most curious. The kit includes a DVD with beautiful, bright images and colors, a CD which includes classical music used in the DVD.  This CD comes in handy when on the road, you can play it on the car, etc…  The level 1 experience discovery kit also includes a picture book, with images from the DVD. One thing I liked about this picture book was how it showed a puppet image of an animal as well as a real life picture of the animal. This way the child can understand and know the difference.
As I completed Level 1 and moved around to Level 2, I was led to follow (not the yellow brick road) but the colorful caterpillar rug.

Baby Einstein Level 2

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/WireImage for Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment)

Level 2 Explorer
Level 2 is for the exploring child/toddlers. This level focuses on animals, land and sea. All discovery kits included a DVD and a CD with the soundtrack. Instead of a picture book like on Level 1, Level 2 comes with Discovery cards or flashcards which includes a picture of an animal along with a description and a few fun facts in the back of the card that the parent can use to interact with the child.

Baby Einstein Level 3 Expression

Last, but not least was Level 3 Expression
This level is suited for the older kids, the ones that talk and walk. This level allows them to express themselves, with music, art and all sorts of entertainment. After Level 3, we were guided to learn more about Baby Einstein’s website, and it’s social media networks, as well as the Disney’s Rewards program. You can find out more about all this by clicking the links below:

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Disney Baby Einstein’s Rewards program

And don’t forget to enter the Baby Einstein Discovery Kit Giveaway, right here on KMP Blog. Last day to enter is Sunday, April 3, 2011. Three (3) winners will be announced on Monday, April 4, 2011.