The Best Yoga App for your iPad

all-in yoga HD for iPad

Article first published as The Only Yoga App You’ll Ever Need on Blogcritics.

I’ve recently started a yoga program using an iPad app called All-in Yoga HD for iPad, (this app is also available for the iPhone). First of all I must admit that I never really enjoyed Yoga. I always thought I never had the time or patience and for those reasons I thought it was too hard to do. Well this app is slowly changing the way I think about Yoga and I like it. The All-In Yoga app is composed of many user friendly yoga programs to choose from. For the past week I have stuck with my program which I enjoy doing every day and I am not trying to quit.

Here are 6 reasons why this yoga app is for keeps:

  1. Graphics/colors look absolutely amazing.
  2. Abundance of programs to choose from, from beginner to advanced. Also which goals you’d like to achieve, balance, flexibility, well-being, strength, etc… And the length of time 0-30 minutes, 1 hour, etc… Depending on how much time you have in a day.
  3. My current yoga program is from the Personal Yogi Teacher program, and I use a beginner workout for 23 minutes, called Sun Salutation for Wellness.
  4. As a beginner the explanation of each pose throughout the workout is very helpful, especially if you don’t already know the poses. A lady voice tells you the name of the pose, while a male voice tells you how to perform that pose. Each pose is held for a certain amount of seconds before switching to the next pose.
  5. Another thing I found great about the yoga program and the voice instructions is being told and reminded about your breathing, which is very important when doing yoga.
  6. Last but not least, the best part about the yoga program is the breathing and meditation at the end of each workout. You are given 10-13 minutes of pure breathing and meditation mode, where you listen to relaxing sounds, from the app itself, or you can turn the sounds off and relax to your own breathing sounds.

So if you are looking for a yoga workout program that is specialized for all levels of yoga (Beginners – Guru), then you might want to give All-In Yoga HD for iPad a chance.

If you are on the go, like at the gym, you might want to consider getting the All-In Yoga for iPhone app; it is just as amazing as the iPad app, and much more convenient.

Complimentary application was provided by Viaden Mobile for review.