Wear This Wednesdays – Pure JEANius

This fashion guest post is brought to you by Nunu Fairville of NuNu Taught Me.

Let me just say, I’d like to kiss Levi Strauss or whomever is responsible for the advent of jeans.
No matter how tall, short, portly, or skinny- there’s a pair out there for everyone.

Peep game…

What’s old is new again! This spring, try your fashion hand at colored denim. The “it” item of the 90’s is hot again. Colored denim offers a great alternative to the traditional blue jean, and allows you to infuse a pop of color into an otherwise subtle getup.

Zoe Zaldana Jeans

For a more work appropriate look, swap your skinny jeans for flared jeans. Zoe Saldana paired hers with a blazer and classic white blouse, making this the perfect outfit for casual Fridays at work.

David Beckham jeans
Men, the ladies aren’t the only ones having fun with denim. As if we needed another reason to love David Beckham, he shows us how jean on jean can look dope when styled correctly. The key to pulling this look off is by pairing a lighter top with a slightly darker denim bottom.

Try these on for size.