Wear This Wednesdays: The Wedge

This fashion guest post is brought to you by Nunu Fairville of NuNu Taught Me.

It’s Friday evening and you’re ready to hit the town. You have the perfect dress already picked out, but the mere thought of putting on four or five inch stilettos makes you cringe in agony. You’ve been on your feet all day and while you love the sexiness of a pump, your feet might need the comfort of an equally stylish yet painless shoe. Behold, the wedge!
Now that the weather has finally decided to cooperate, many of us will be ditching our boots for more climate appropriate footwear. Before you run to your classic (and painful) pump, why not give this seasons “it” item a try. Wedges are cute, comfy and fashionable. Available in an array of textures, colors, and heel heights, wedges offer a great alternative to the traditional high heel shoe.

Looking for something that is workplace appropriate? Try these neutral colored wedges.

For play, step your shoe game up with a funkier tribal print wedge.

Need more options? Take a look at these…



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4 thoughts on “Wear This Wednesdays: The Wedge

  1. NuNu

    Wedges are going to be my new best friend. Spare yourself the pain without sparing the style!

    1. kmp22 Post author

      :-) I don’t own any Wedges, I need to get at least one, before the summer.