Stay Fit While Tracking Your Steps

I live in one of the fittest city in the US, New York City. Where commuting to work is common and walking 10-20 blocks is nothing to be shocked about. NYC is also known for its 26.2 mile marathon, also known as the ING NYC Marathon, where everyone that’s a runner or not preps up for this amazing opportunity. I myself haven’t conquered the NYC marathon, perhaps someday, but as a NYer I enjoy staying fit and walking or jogging around the park.

I’ve recently started using this fabulous app that is perfect for tracking my steps, All-in Pedometer for iPhone. The All-in Pedometer for iPhone is user friendly with an amazing design. This app is not your typical boring pedometer app that only tracks how many steps you’ve accomplished but it also tracks your distance, speed, average speed and calories. You can also record your heart rate as well as set alarms depending on your calorie goal. Want to burn 500 calories?! You can set an alarm for that.  Speaking of goals you can also set different goals you wish to achieve: distance, calories and activity (time).

The All-In Pedometer for iPhone has an array of functions to choose from. A cool function and one you might utilize most often is the Lock Screen button. This will lock your screen and keep the app running on the background while still tracking your steps. One thing to note about this function is that if you press the Lock and/or Home button on your iPhone it will disable your pedometer and your steps will not be recorded, so this is something to keep in mind when using the All-In Pedometer app.

The app is currently available for the iPhone and it is a well spent $0.99.

Complimentary application was provided by Viaden Mobile for review.

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