Wear This Wednesdays: The Mandal

This fashion guest post is brought to you by Nunu Fairville of NuNu Taught Me.

Men, whether you’ll admit it or not, I’m sure you’ve considered or have worn “mandals”, sandals for men, in your adult life. While the Europeans have been wearing them for centuries, in America, men just haven’t totally embraced the summer alternative. This Wear this Wednesdays post is dedicated to the fashion savvy fella that isn’t afraid to go against the grain. No, I’m not talking about the Adidas flip-flops that all of the athletes wore in college with the super thick white tube socks. Burn those immediately and the socks, too.

sandals with socks

If you’re over the age of 21, and have toes that won’t make a dog cry aloud in misery, then you’re ready for the “mandal”.

Before you take the plunge keep this in mind- steer clear of strappy sandals and Birkenstocks of any type. You’ll look like you’re ready for a long hike in the woods or you’re ready to be enrolled in your nearest nursing home facility. Opt for something simple like this…

Sandals at Nordstrom


This shoe works well enough for a stroll on the beach, but classy enough for a casual dinner date. Paired with linen pants or shorts, you’ll look as though you walked straight out of the pages of GQ magazine.

When it comes to color, stick with neutrals, tans or blacks. Leave the colored sandals to the ladies.

Remember, the right shoe will take your style quotient from 1 to 100. And if you’re toes need a little work, don’t be afraid to book an appointment at the local nail salon.

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