2011 Webby’s 5 Word Speeches

The Webby AwardsThe Webby Awards is an award show to celebrate the best of the web. Lisa Kudrow (Friends), hosted The 15th Annual Webby Awards which took place in NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom and it was a night to remember. Like any other award show, there was Red carpet, paparazzis, long lines and tons of liquor/open bar. Some celebrities in the house included Marlon Wayans, Adrian Grenier (Entourage’s Vince Chase), Anna Wintour, Martin Cooper (inventor of the cell phone), Norah Jones and many many more.
Besides the funny internet videos and entertaining hosts, the best part of the Webbys was the famous 5 word speeches. As simple as that, you get your award you give a really short and to the point speech, in 5 words or less. Check out some of last night’s 5 Word Speeches…

“Sometimes Geeks Can Be Chic.”
Anna Wintour

“Can You Hear Me, Now?”
Martin Cooper (inventor of the cell phone)

“The Clitoris, Nature’s Rubik’s Cube”
Tom Tucker (Quahog – Family Guy)

“It’s Short for Group Coupon”

“Sinners Make The Best Saints”
Chris Milk

“You Had Me at Fandango”

“Person of the year. Ironic.”
IBM’s Watson (Robot)

“Thank You, Me Learn Flute”
Conan O’Brien (Team Coco)

“Thanks. This is deeply weird”
LCD Soundsystem

“Where’s Our F-ing Pulitzer”
The Onion

“It’s Legal Now, Bottoms Up”
HBO (Boardwalk Empire)

“Samsung Made My Voice, Famous”