3 Benefits of Adding Your Blog to a Blog Directory

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1) Exposure:

If you are a new active blogger in a specific niche, adding your blog to a directory will help readers find you. Who knows who’s been looking for a blog just like yours?!

2) Networking (online):

A blog directory are somewhat of a networking event, only online and at your own pace/time. Blog directories are a great way for you to find other blogs in the same category/niche, meet other bloggers and learn more about their blogs. Who knows the connections/partnerships you’ve been waiting to make?!

3) Sponsors/Blogging Opportunities:

PR/Marketing agencies are always seeking for active bloggers to pitch to, although some PR pitches tend to be somewhat annoying other times they are fun and worth your time. A blog directory is a great place for these agencies to browse through and find bloggers just like you.

There are many blog directories out there, but many are out dated and loaded with every site on the internet which makes it hard to sort through the regular sites from the blog sites…

That’s why I created a blog directory just for Blogs, simple, clean and easy to use. Nothing crazy.  The Blog Directory will launch Friday, July 1st, 2o11. So stay tuned, so you can submit your site.

You can come back to this post and click the link below on FRIDAY, to add your site to the blog directory.

KMP Blog Directory

As stated in the comments section, submitting your site to search engines is also beneficial when it comes to directing traffic to your site, listed below are links to:




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3 thoughts on “3 Benefits of Adding Your Blog to a Blog Directory

  1. Ozio Media

    Besides adding your blog to multiple blog directories on the web, bloggers should also add their blogs to all major search engine indexes. The process is pretty simple and it generally takes a few days for your blog to be crawled and listed in the search engine index. Begin with major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Adding your blog to search engine directories helps generate more traffic and makes it easier for your blog to be found.

    1. kmp22 Post author

      Totally agree. I believe Yahoo charges to be added to theirs. Or maybe I\’m getting it confused with something else. I\’ll have search for the links to where you can submit your blog to the major search engines and update this post.